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Has the past year challenged you financially or perhaps your financial situation just hasn't improved as much as you would like?

Whether you’re not satisfied with the way your finances are, or the amount of time you have available, or the amount of stress that you have to deal with, or you just want more out of life… this is for you.

Now is the time to take control of your future and create an enriched and prosperous life for you and your loved ones.

Yes, you can make your life what you want with less effort, tension, friction and stress. And be able to do it feeling happier, more complete, and more connected.

The Impact of Awareness

The Impact of
Poverty Consciousness
The Impact of
The Impact of
Thought Forms
The Impact of
Rituals & Habits

Join Master Co in this short experiential workshop. 


To have more prosperity in your life with less effort,
you must understand...

What is Prosperity Consciousness vs. Poverty Consciousness

Why Awareness is the missing key in most Prosperity teachings

The Components of Prosperity Consciousness/Mindset

Creation of Thought and Emotional Forms in your aura and chakras

The physical and psychological effects of your environment

Harnessing the Power of Rituals and Habits

During the PROSPERITY ZEN Interactive Workshop, you will...

  1. Learn to IDENTIFY, DISINTEGRATE and RELEASE of old thought and emotional forms in the aura that include limiting beliefs and biases about success and abundance.
  2. REMOVE ‘money blocks’ in the aura.
  3. CREATE powerful thought and emotional forms that work in the background of our awareness to influence ourselves to move towards success and wealth.
  4. CLEANSE and ACTIVATE specific Pro$perity Chakras that will harness nature’s life force to propel you towards to an abundant life
  5. PRO$PERITY AMPLIFIER: Learn about mantras and rituals that allow you to tap into Mother’s nature reservoir of prosperity energies

Many of us approach success and prosperity using the wrong syntax or sequence. We focus on our external world to cause an internal change, ie: work hard, make money to be happy and feel prosperous That's BACKWARDS!

The efficient way to manifest prosperity is to start from the inner and let it reflect into the outer world. Begin by practicing proper awareness (Zen) of thought and emotional forms that either we create or allow others to insert into our energy fields.

Ready for an energetic experience?
Join Master Co in this FREE interactive workshop. 

Make This Your Most Prosperous Year Ever!

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Your Instructor:
Master Stephen Co

is the co-author of “Your Hands Can Heal You”. He’s a leading expert in the area of meditation & Eastern energetic practices and has taught thousands across the US, Asia and Europe. Master Co is a regular guest speaker at Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within. He’s also conducted workshops at organizations like Google, Kaiser Permanente Hospital, Motorola, Microsoft, General Electric, Sears, Qualcomm, Intel, Paypal, University of California, Berkeley, Nasa, the Chopra Center US Naval Hospital San Diego, the US Army and others.
His mission is to share simple to use energetic techniques based on ancient spiritual principles that can be applied immediately to transform your life.

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